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Erozyon nedir?

Erozyon yani diğer ismiyle  (toprak aşınımı).Toprağın aşınmasını önleyen bitki örtüsünün yok olmasıyla rüzgar vb sebebi dolayıyla toprağın taşınmasına denir.

Erozyonun başlıca nedenleri?

Erozyonun en önemli sebebi  bitki örtüsünün yok olmasıdır.Arazi eğimi, toprak yapısı, yıllık yağış miktarı, iklim faktörleri, bitki örtüsü, toprak ve bitkiye yapılan çeşitli müdahaleler, erozyonun şiddetini belirleyen öğelerdir.

Bu sayfa hakkındaki yorumlar:
Yorumu gönderen: Junior( mcartersssas.org ), 04.07.2013, 19:26 (UTC):
My greatest fear is that sitomheng happens to me or my husband. That we will not have the money for funeral expences and someone to take care of our two kids. We are always struggling with money no matter how hard we try to save, sitomheng happens a car breaks down, kids get sick ect. I have started sweeping to save on money to win what we can not afford to buy and I have won some awesome prizes so far and Christmas this year is all set (thank goodness). We do not go out to eat hardly any more and cook at home. That saves some money. We do not have tv, but watch movies from the computer. We do not turn lights on unless its dark outside to save on the electric. But will all this it seems we are just not making it at time. What is stopping us from getting where we want finantially it seems like everything. I started school from home to get a degree and was going great I got on the dean list and everything. I was loving it. Then my son get into major trouble at his school and everything goes down hill. I drop out of school cause I can not handle all the stress of worring about what is going to happen to my son and staying with my classes and sitomheng had to give. So I dropped them. Consentraed on my son and keeping him out of trouble. He spent two months away from us but we finally got him home after one court date after another. Just seems like when I try going to school sitomheng gets in the way. We are now homeschooling our kids, which I love! I will not leave my kids with just anyone, it has to be someone I trust very very much. So getting time with just me and my husband is very hard and far and few inbetween. We do not take family vacations, we also have pets that are like our children and will not leave them with just anyone. I guess I just worry to much. I am not sure what is blocking us from achieving out goals but I hope to make the hurdle soon.

Yorumu gönderen: by isyankar( sapoko_cezahotmail.com ), 02.05.2010, 16:41 (UTC):
kısa ve öz olmuş sağolun

Yorumu gönderen: bggdertuıytfghıuhtrdwrffghhhjuıufddgggyttttt( yook ), 11.01.2009, 12:23 (UTC):

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